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Having Concrete Issues?

We have the solution to raise and re-level concrete without replacement 

Mudjacking Process
  • A small 1 3/8" hole is drilled into the sunken slab in strategic locations. 

  • Under hydraulic pressure, a cement soil slurry is pumped under the slab. 

  • The slurry will fill the voids and depressions under the slab and then raise the slab to the desired height. 

  • Holes are then plugged and filled with cement. 


Sunken Concrete Sidewalk
Mudjacking Process How to Lift Concrete Slab and Stablize the Soil
Advantages to Replacement
  • Mudjacking can SAVE YOU between 40% and 50% of the cost of removal and replacement.

  • It addresses the soil issue, which is the real cause of concrete issues.

  • Relativley quick and easy process with little or no disruption to landscaping.

  • ​Trip hazards can be removed, quickly limiting your liability. 


Raised Concrete - Releveled Sidewalk


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